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This site will no longer be updated as the WVU Band Program is moving to a more comprehensive web site for information. Once that site is up this page will be forwarded to the new site. Photos will be updated at www.WVUBandPhotos.com.

About the WVU Marching Band

The award-winning Mountaineer Marching Band enjoys the reputation as one of the outstanding organizations on the WVU campus. The 330-plus member "Pride of West Virginia" has performed throughout the United States from nationally televised Bowl games to Presidential inaugurations. During the past twenty years, the WVU Band has performed before more than one million people and has traveled to several major U.S. cities including Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL; Louisville, KY; Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; Tucson, AZ; Fort Lauderdale, FL; New York City, NY; New Orleans, LA; Pittsburgh, PA; Houston, TX; Washington, D.C.; El Paso, TX and Indianapolis, IN.


The WVU Marching Band is known for its high energy performances, outstanding musical arrangements, and exciting visual presentations. Because of its tradition of excellence, the WVU Band was recognized in 1997 as the country's outstanding collegiate marching band by being named the recipient of the prestigious Sudler Trophy awarded by the John Philip Sousa Foundation.

Any student attending WVU is eligible to join the band; an audition is required for membership. During the fall term, rehearsals are scheduled Tuesday through Friday for two hours in the late afternoon. The band also conducts a band camp the week before the fall semester begins.

Students in the band represent virtually every college and major course of study within the University. In addition, the overall grade point average of band members is significantly higher than the University average. Band members are almost always the students who want to excel in their classes. The band helps students develop a work ethic which carries over into their studies and eventually their chosen professions.

The esprit de corps of the WVU Band and the enthusiastic response of the audiences to the sight and sound of the band have made it one of the most respected organizations on the WVU campus. All these features contribute to the success of the "Pride of West Virginia" and show why it is considered one of the premier collegiate marching bands in the nation.